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Dr. Hankerd and Staff,

Thank you so very much for everything!

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Jurist…and me!

Words cannot express how much I truly appreciate you!

With love,

David Worden

(Jurist, Miranda & Basil too!)


Auburn Animal Hospital,

Thank you very much for the cat frame and butterfly toy. You make good selections.

Sammy and Magic are still playing with the toys you gave them last year.

See you soon with Sam for his yearly checkup. Bob wishes to thank you for the coffee.


Betty and Bob Hagemeyer


Dear Dr. Hankerd,

I am so grateful that you have come to be the doctor at Auburn Animal Hospital.

It is wonderful because you treat your clients with the same care and consideration as you do your patients.

Thank you for being so easy to talk to, so positive, and so pleasant.

What a relief to have someone as nice as you—someone who seems to care about people as much as you care about their pets.

You are wonderful!

LouAnn Leonard


Dr. Hankerd and Staff:

I want to thank everyone at Auburn Animal Hospital for the wonderful care and concern that was extended to “Little Guy” during his 3 day stay at your hospital. When I was told my precious boy had diabetes I was devastated, however Dr. Hankerd and the entire staff made me feel comfortable about caring for and learning about this treatable disease. I have been blessed to have had my little guy for these last 7-1/2 years and hope through the proper care and nurturing from myself, Dr. Hankerd and the entire staff I will be able to enjoy him for many years to come. Your office treated him as if he were one of their own; I will never forget the kindness extended to both of us during his stay.

Again, my sincere thanks to Dr. Hankerd and the entire staff for the care provided in the past and most recently during his 3 day stay at your hospital. I simply cannot express in enough words the appreciation I have fore everyone at Auburn Animal Hospital.

Thank you so very much,

Kirsten Hentschel