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Re-introducing your cat to your other pets after their visit to the Veterinarian's Office

Why does my cat do that...?

My 8-year-old cat, Shadow, is always attacked by his sister, Gadget, when we return home from the veterinarian's office. Why does Gadget do that and what can I do?

Cats are highly sensitive to smells and when Shadow has been at the veterinary clinic, he no longer smells the same to your other pets. This change in scent is alarming to Gadget. One way to ease the transition of bringing Shadow back home is to leave him in the carrier for a few hours and see how Gadget reacts. If Gadget does not accept him, then place Shadow in another room with all his resources (litterbox, food, water, toys, etc.) for a day or two, to allow him time to regain the scents of home.